Learning Disability Support

Please tell your doctor if you have a learning disability, they can then check if you are on our learning disability register. If you are not, they can arrange for your name to be added. This means you will be offered extra support to make things a bit easier, and more importantly, you could get an Annual Health Check. This information can be shared with other doctors and nurses, so they can make things easier for you too.


This film features the Purple All Stars performing the song: ‘ Check me for Sepsis’. The Purple All Stars are a group of people with learning disabilities who provide powerful health promotion messages using creative arts.

This song aims to educate people with learning disabilities and the people who support them, to know what sepsis is and when someone has possible signs to remember to always ask the health professionals ‘Is it sepsis?’ Click here for more information about sepsis.


Hertfordshire County Council’s Health Liaison Team has produced a summary of the current lockdown restrictions in easy-read format for people with a learning disability.  Please click here National Lockdown Stay at Home Covid-19 Guidance - Easy Read

Covid-19 vaccination easy read leaflet - click here  https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/951000/PHE_11843_Covid-19_Easy-read_leaflet.pdf

May 2021:

In recognition of our COVID 19 Vaccination work in Bridging the Health Inequality Gap for all patients on our Learning Disability Register, we have recently been awarded the 'purple strategy certificate'

Hilary Gardener the Strategic Liaison Nurse for Primary Health at Hertfordshire County Council contacted us to advise:

Your passion, drive and commitment to overcoming barriers through using person centred reasonable adjustments to be able to successfully vaccinate these people is commendable and an example to everyone.

You have

  • Provided that person centred approach to overcome the barriers
  • Provided the necessary reasonable adjustments
  • Successfully vaccinated to date over 100% of your learning disability patients !!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time and understanding to achieve such a fantastic success rate. Those people who are reluctant to have the vaccine are the ones who would be likely to equally struggle with the complying with treatment if they did contract COVID19 and required hospitalisation. So every vaccine achieved in this patient group truly is one that has potentially saved a life and that is down to the team work of everyone involved in the planning, supporting and delivering of the vaccines

Good luck with achieving the same success with the second dose over the coming weeks. 

Purple Star Strategy Certificate in recognition of covid vaccination for patients with learning disabilities (PDF, 164KB)

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