Total Triage appointments during COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NHS England & NHS Improvement have supported all GP practices in England with the rapid implementation of a ‘total triage’ model using telephone & online consultation tools.

Total triage means that every patient contacting the practice either by eConsult, Email or Telephone, is first triaged before making an appointment & then offered an appropriate appointment i.e. telephone, video or face 2 face. You will still be asked screening questions by a member of the team prior to face 2 face appointments.

Total triage is important to reduce avoidable footfall in practices & protect patients and staff from the risks of infection.

If you are requested to attend a face 2 face appointment at the surgery, to maintain the health & safety of both our staff & all patients, you are requested to wear your own mask / face covering & attend the appointment alone where possible.

We offer a mixture of pre-bookable and Urgent (Book on Day) Appointments.

Normally you should book an appointment with your own doctor, which ensures continuity of care. However you are welcome to see any doctor of your choice. If you do want to see specific doctor for a special reason, please advise our receptionist when you book. 

Prebookable Appointments can be booked at any time but we suggest avoiding the busy a.m. period & calling after 10am. All patients are encouraged to utilise the online appointment booking service - 'SystmOnline' - please request your log in details & password from our Reception Team when you next visit.

Urgent Appointments are released at 8am each morning and are for issues that are deemed as needing to be seen on the same day only. They are not released any earlier than 8am and should not be requested for something routine or that is being treated as ongoing by a Doctor. If your appointment is not urgent you should request a prebookable appointment & not use the urgent appointment slots.

If on any given day we are fully booked, we offer a triage service to anyone needing the Doctors attention. This involves the Receptionist taking a few details which are then passed to the Duty Doctor for their attention. The Doctor will then once finished in clinic, either call you back or request that the Receptionist invite you in for an appointment. 

Telephone Appointments are offered to all patients who wish to speak to a GP / Nurse / Physician Associate.  Please ensure we have your correct contact details & try to keep your phone line free.

If you feel you would benefit from a telephone appointment rather than face to face please ask our receptionist, who will book you in with a Clinician; this will be either an a.m. or p.m. call.   Please note our receptionist cannot provide a definitive time for the call back, please do not keep calling or emailing the surgery - the Clinician will call you back. 




Do not save up several problems for one appointment or ask the Clinician to see a family member too.


Please ask for a longer appointment when booking if you have several problems as some take longer than others, we usually allocate a 10 minute slot per condition/illness.


The Nurse or Doctor cannot deal comprehensively and safely with more than one problem in a single appointment & your request is likely to cause a delay to other booked patients.



You will be asked to rebook an appointment if this happens.


Why does the receptionist ask what is wrong?

Click here to find out why the reception team as the questions they do.

Making the Most of Your Appointment

A typical appointment slot is 10 minutes. If you have complex issues to discuss please ensure you book a double appointment (these appointments should follow on & not be booked at separate intervals).

Home Visits

Home visits are only available for patients who are housebound due to illness or disability.

Please call us & provide a full description of your condition. These details will be sent to the GP to ensure an informed decision is made about the need for a home visit. Please note home visits may be carried out by the Herts Urgent Care Service - click on link below for further details:

Routine Appointments can be booked Online (see below)

Online Appointments

Please visit the surgery in person to collect your password with your identification. This will also allow you access to make, amend and cancel appointments online and is simple to use.

Due to patient confidentiality and data protection each adult must collect their own password from our Reception Team. Children's passwords can be issued to parents or legal guardians.

Click on the link below to access SystmOnline.


Private Appointments

Private work carried out by the GP’s is not part of their GMS contract or classed as an essential service and therefore is chargeable at rates set by each GP Practice and work is accepted at their discretion. GP’s are under no obligation to complete private work and fees are reviewed on a yearly basis.

Full payment for your request will need to be received in advance by our Reception team - Cash or Cheque, Cheque guarantee card required for non-patients. No appointments to be made without prior payment. Our Reception Team will then book your appointment.

Further Information and cost in relation to booking a private medical or for private letters / forms to be completed by a GP are available from reception.

Prices are subject to change.


Help and support for patients waiting for a hospital appointment or operation


The My Planned Care website supports people waiting for a hospital appointment, operation or treatment, and gives advice and support while they wait. This includes access to average waiting times at their hospital and other useful advice and local services.

Patients can check the website of their allocated hospital for any information they may need before contacting their hospital or GP practice. Carers, friends, relatives and NHS teams can also see this information and, if needed, help guide people through the detail.

The site is easy-to-use and updated weekly with other advice and information on how to manage pain, keeping healthy, looking after their mental health, accessing financial help and other local support services.

The site can also help people to prepare for their appointment or operation, including practical suggestions about how to manage symptoms and help prevent these from getting worse.

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