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Pay & Display parking controls - Now offer 30 minutes free with ticket Posted on 24 Aug 2020

Pay & Display car parking controls at Herts & Essex Community Hospital will be back in action from 1st September 2020.

Patients can now receive 30 minutes free parking, a ticket must be obtained from the machine and clearly displayed in your vehicle.

Saba manage the car park at Herts and Essex Community Hospital on behalf of NHS Property Services.

The pay and display machines allow motorists to pay for parking via cash, credit/debit card, contactless, phone, app or website.

Longer term parking tariffs have increases to deter non-patients from taking up valuable spaces.

Contact customer support service for more information: 0800 085 3015

Your questions answered

Q. How much does it cost to park?
A. Charges are as follows:

Time period Cost
0-2 hours £1.00
2-3 hours £2.00
3-4 hours £3.00
4-6 hours £5.00
6-12 hours £12.00
Max stay 12 hours

Q. Why are the costs of longer term parking increasing?
A. This is a very busy area.  Many people are using this car park while they visit local amenities.  By increasing the cost of longer term stays, this should deter some of those people from parking here all day and free up spaces for patients, visitors and staff.

Q. Is there a free period for drop offs and pick ups?
A. Patients can from 01.09.2020 receive 30 minutes free parking, a ticket must be obtained from the machine and clearly displayed in your vehicle..  The dedicated area at the main entrance allows for motorists to drop-off and pick-up patients for free, but vehicles must not be left unattended in this area, therefore use of the 30 minute free period is encouraged.

Q. Do Blue Badge Holders park for free?
A. Yes - park in the designated area or any patient bay and display the Blue Badge in your car.

Q. What if my appointment overruns and I overstay?
A. Saba's Parking Attendant will patrol the site so if it's possible to do so, pay for the additional time and display the ticket in your car to avoid a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).  If your appointment overruns and you find a PCN on your vehicle, you are advised to appeal it by following the instructions in the PCN and explain the reason for the overstay as part of the appeal.

Q. How do I appeal a Parking Charge Notice (PCN)?
A. Appeals are handled by Saba, the company managing the parking system.  Details of how to appeal are contained on the reverse of the PCN.  For full details of the appeals process, visit

Should you have any general queries, please contact NHS Property Services customer support: 0800 085 3015

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